This tour will take place in February / March 2024
(Off Piste)

Spanish Theatre in the UK

The show will follow a school skiing holiday as it sets off for a week in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains! The holiday, including the travel, accommodation and most other aspects of the holiday don't quite go as planned!

We follow the ups and downs of the school party as they meet many interesting characters and situations during their week.

Anyone who has been skiing either with family or on a school trip will be more than aware of the disasters that await, from the travel problems, accidents, losing lift passes and money, dropping things from lifts, crashes and the accommodation not being quite as they thought and generally things not going to plan. The show incorporates many familiar situations in a fun and educational hour.

Additional Information

If you require a performance at your school we will bring all the necessary lighting, sound, etc. We do need a stage 6m x 6m and need the room to be darkened as the show uses a large screen (which we bring) on which DVD images are projected. We hope you have found this information of interest. If you need more details please contact us.