This tour will take place in February / March 2018
Un Día en la Playa

Spanish Theatre in the UK

The Play

The Play centres around a Girl who is looking after a friend's dog. All is fine until the dog runs off and jumps on a boat which then sets off!

The Play then follows the search for the dog along the Spanish coast. The journey involves meeting lots of different characters in various locations. Will the dog ever be found though and will the friendship continue?

The Show

Un Día en la Playa has been especially written for young students studying Spanish as a foreign language. This is not a Spanish lesson however! We want the show to be above all an exciting and stimulating experience. The play features many humourous characters and includes excellent lighting, sound effects and music. The show also contains plenty of audience participation. We want the show to be a spectacular event, one which the students will remember for a long time.

Additional Information

If you require a performance at your school we will bring all the necessary lighting, sound, etc. We do need a stage 6m x 6m and need the room to be darkened as the show uses a large screen (which we bring) on which DVD images are projected. We hope you have found this information of interest. If you need more details please contact us.