In October 2019 we will be touring with
Une Journée sur la Côte d'Azur

French Theatre in the UK

The Play

The storyline is based around Hélène who is looking after a friends dog 'Fifi' while she is away. Hélène has come to Cannes to return 'Fifi' and also attend a wedding with her friend the next day.

Unfortunately while at the marina 'Fifi' decides to jump onto a boat that is just leaving and the boat and the dog head off. Hélène discovers the boat is heading to Nice so heads off on the train to try and beat the boat. She is just too late however and a frantic search begins to find 'Fifi'.

Hélène enlists the help of various characters along the way and we are taken on a desperate search of Nice for the dog.

Does the story have a happy ending however, or is 'Fifi' lost forever?

The Show

The show is aimed at the 11-16 age group. The show includes music, video clips, lighting and lots of action and audience participation.

Additional Information

If you require a performance at your school we will bring all the necessary lighting, sound, etc. We do need a stage 6m x 6m and need the room to be darkened as the show uses a large screen (which we bring) on which dvd images are projected. We hope you have found this information of interest. If you need more details please contact us. Merci!