In September and October 2017 we will be touring with
Lumières, Caméra, L'Action!

French Theatre in the UK

The Play

The show is based around the making of a supposed 'Big Budget' film 'King Kong in Paris' the show starts with good intentions but as time passes the film turns into a disaster as more and more problems occur. The lack of funding and big names reduces the intention of a 'Blockbuster' into something quite different.

The Show

The show is fun and is designed for all abilities and includes audience participation, music, films and great acting. The project is most suitable for ages 12-16.

Additional Information

If you require a performance at your school we will bring all the necessary lighting, sound, etc. We do need a stage 6m x 6m and need the room to be darkened as the show uses a large screen (which we bring) on which dvd images are projected. We hope you have found this information of interest. If you need more details please contact us. Merci!