In September and October 2023 we will be touring with

French Theatre in the UK

The Play

The story follows two cousins who have planned to meet in Paris. One cousin is a cycle courier delivering letters and packages around central Paris. The other cousin lives out of the city and is delayed in arriving by a late train, it is their birthday. The original meeting time and place has been missed as the courier need to continue delivering letters. Messages are left at various meeting points with various characters but will the cousins meet and will the birthday celebrations happen?

The Show

The show is aimed at the 11-16 age group. The show includes music, video clips, lighting and lots of action and audience participation.

We will be able to provide, work-packs, vocabulary, synopsis, a summary as well as a Script to help you in preparation for the performance.

The show will last 1 hour. The cost will be 500 for 1 show and 800 for 2. We bring everything required, we aim to arrive one and a half hours before the show to set-up. It takes about 30 minutes to pack away. We have scripts available now.

Additional Information

If you require a performance at your school we will bring all the necessary lighting, sound, etc. We do need a stage 6m x 6m and need the room to be darkened as the show uses a large screen (which we bring) on which dvd images are projected. We hope you have found this information of interest. If you need more details please contact us. Merci!