We will be touring this play in March and April 2024.

(An Exciting New Idea for Young English Learners, aged 12 - 16 years)

English Theatre in Europe

The Show

We Can All Help has been created for young students studying English as a foreign language.

However, this is NOT an English lesson! We want the show to be above all an exciting and original entertainment. It will feature humorous characterisations, lighting, sound effects, audience participation, accompanying music and live images on a large screen. We want the show to be a spectacular event - one which the students will remember for a long time.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the cast, and perhaps exchange a few words, very informally after the show. Not only are pupils listening to English, therefore, they also have the chance to speak it with native English speakers.

The Project's Relevance to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

In keeping with modern teaching methods, the script uses a natural, modern spoken English. Whilst this will make the show a stretching experience, it will also be great fun. The prudent use of key words, and the fact that language is being constantly accompanied by action will facilitate comprehension, without losing the reality and relevance of the language.

We realise that the spread of ability through 12 to 16 year olds can be high, but the script and style of production has been specifically produced with this in mind. Pupils with very little English can still follow the basic story line, as well as thoroughly enjoy the sketches that form part of the show. Pupils with more ability and experience will find a lot of very useful vocabulary, and can use the script we produce in further classroom work.

The whole experience is based around the visit to and sights of London which we hope will provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

Play Description

The show revolves around two central characters who, with others, are concerned about environmental issues, and are undertaking a sponsored cycle ride from London to Brighton to raise sponsorship for a new solar powered roof on their local school.

The show starts with a film of environmental disasters.

The story moves from the start in London and although the topic is serious the show is fun and has audience participation, live images, lighting, sound and much more. The journey does not quite go to plan and they have to stop over for the night which allows for many familiar scenarios such as booking into a hotel, finding a restaurant and ordering food, asking directions and other situations that we hope the students will have studied and possibly used themselves.

Will they arrive in Brighton in time?

Please contact us for more information on dates and costs.